La Frenchie – About Us

“Live Life Effortlessly… Because you can…”

La Frenchie was started by three friends living in Los Angeles who felt the need to create a brand that personified the class and luxury that you find in Paris, but manufactured in L.A. This is the quality you expect from the American Industrial Revolution.

La Frenchie is an eco-friendly, relaxed illustrative knitwear brand for women that demonstrates how hard work can pay off in the end, but still providing you with beautiful looking clothing that showcases style, luxury and personality.

Stuart, Myron and Carissa put their blood, sweat, tears, and a couple doggie nose kisses into the vision of La Frenchie and in the end hope that while wearing the clothing, you too, will feel like an expensive glass of champagne.

Stuart Lafferty

Founding Partner

From the moment I sat down to lunch at a café outside on the Champs-Élysées, during my first visit to Paris, I fell in love with the French culture. I wanted to be them and never wanted to leave this wonderful place, Paris. I made a few friends while there and we kept in touch. A few years ago, one of those friends, presented me with the opportunity to conceptualize a special collection for his fashion start-up. I turned my love of Los Angeles and France into La Frenchie.

When it was time to bring La Frenchie to Los Angeles I wanted to collaborate with two of the hardest working and coolest people I know. I get to wake up every morning knowing that this has become a reality and I get to be a big kid living my dream. I hope that each of you truly wear our clothing because it makes you feel unique and special. From my heart to yours, I hope everyone that we get the pleasure of sharing our dreams with “Lives Effortlessly…”

Carissa Blades

Founding Partner

“Fashion is about being comfortable..”

If I had to describe my style it would be like a circle. I have outfits for every occasion, but it always came down to my boyfriend’s t-shirt. I will wear his shirt to the beach, dress it up with a jacket and I will even wear it to bed. I don’t know what it was but his t-shirts always feel soft and comfortable. To me fashion is about being comfortable and looking adorable at the same time.

I think that women look their best when they are comfortable with their clothing decision. La Frenchie is my outlet to help people look fashionable and feel amazing at the same time. Living effortlessly is not just a statement it’s a mission and how I live my life.
In case you thought I was only blue eyes, I graduated Colorado University in Boulder… “I love the Flat Irons….”

Myron Batsa

Founding Partner

“Peanut Butter and Chocolate…” These are a vice for most people but for me it defines how I get inspired. Think about it, one day a long time ago, someone thought to put peanut butter in a shell of hard chocolate. Two different textures, two different styles of sweet. Breaking rules, that awesome person probably broke some rules.

I break rules and I hope that through some of the designs that we have you feel like you are breaking some rules to. Daring to be who you are, daring to make your own statement, daring to pave your own path. It took a long time for me to have a voice of my own and I hope that through what he do at La Frenchie it inspires people to find their own voice.

Some other facts about me: Graduated from Iowa State University, majored in Advertising and Marketing Communication, Love the beach, Friends are my family away from family and they keep me grounded…